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East Horsley

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Dog Heaven Horsley Welcomes You With Open Paws

Loving forest holidays for your dog


Home from Home

🐾 Finest home boarding for your dog 🐾


Dog Home Boarding - Licensed and Insured.

Unbeatable Dog Home Boarding

This is dog heaven on earth! Your dog will find everything he or she needs for their holiday.  A comfortable home, a huge fenced garden and wonderful woodland walks on their doorstep. And lots of loving care and attention of course!

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Dogs so enjoy exploring new terrain and love sniffing and running in the local woodland.  Your dog will have the exercise it needs during his or her stay in Dog Heaven (on Earth) Horsley.


After exercise comes rest and relaxation, whilst feeling safe and secure. Your dog can feel at home and snooze in comfort.


Contact Alice

Tell me about your dog(s) - their breed, age, sex and neuter status.  What dates may they want to come and stay?  We will meet up before then for a walk from Dog Heaven Horsley. Then you and your dog can see our home and garden.


Home Boarding for Dogs
Licence Holder: Alice Neal
Licence number: AWRL013
(Guildford Borough Council)