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Dog Heaven Horsley Welcomes You With Open Paws

**PUPDATE" There are so many amazing dogs out there who I would love to meet.  So it is with huge regret - I am not able to meet new school holiday clients for the foreseeable future.  Very occasionally I can take on new clients who do not require school holidays.  This is due to home boarding offering so few spaces - this is why its so great!  I may have some spaces from 6 November to 21 December 2023 for dogs under 25kg.

Please Note:

When enquiring about Home Boarding availability - PLEASE ENSURE  the home boarder has a current licence from their local council. This needs to be displayed on all websites/premises/social media.  Without a licence the home boarder cannot be insured and your dog cannot be certain of knowledgeable care in a safe environment.  Try a few local councils and ask for references.

Dog Heaven Horsley really IS dog "heaven on earth"!  We offer fantastic holidays and mini breaks for your dog.  Whether you are on holiday or travelling for business - your dog can enjoy plenty of love, care and attention - given with experience and professionalism.  We also offer occasional days out, where possible, for our regular holiday guests.

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Home from Home

🐾 Finest home boarding for your dog 🐾

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Dog Home Boarding - Licensed and Insured.

Unbeatable Dog Home Boarding

This is dog heaven on earth! Your dog will find everything he or she needs for their holiday.  A comfortable home, a huge fenced garden and wonderful woodland walks on their doorstep. And lots of loving care and attention of course!

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Dogs so enjoy exploring new terrain and love sniffing and running in the local woodland.  Your dog will have the exercise it needs during his or her stay in Dog Heaven (on Earth) Horsley.



After exercise comes rest and relaxation, whilst feeling safe and secure. Your dog can feel at home and snooze in comfort.



We use the best technology to protect your dog when we are out and about exploring the forest.  Each dog wears a Petfon GPS module which provides real-time genuine GPS tracking and activity monitoring throughout the forest.  Dogs are always supervised when they are outside in our large fenced garden.
There are numerous monitored Ring security cameras in operations inside and out.

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Home Boarding for Dogs
Licence Holder: Alice Neal
Licence number: AWRL013
(Guildford Borough Council)

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Contact Alice

PLEASE NOTE: I  have a pretty full client list and am rarely able to accept new clients   Local councils (I'd suggest you also check neighbouring ones) have lists of their Licensed Dog Home Boarders.

If you would still like to enquire please tell me about your dog(s) - their breed, age, sex and neuter status.  What dates do they want to come and stay? 

Very important for home boarding - are they well socialised with a variety of other dogs?  They don't have to love every dog, but they do need to be comfortable around other socialised dogs.  Occasionally dogs just don't enjoy being with other dogs and are better suited to pet sitting in their own home.

If I may be able to host them pending meeting them, then I will invite you and your dog to come and visit Dog Heaven Horsley. You can see our glorious forest setting, check out our home (through the windows!) and look around the garden.  Your dog is welcome to inspect indoors!  

Thanks for submitting!

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