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Price Guide


*All prices shown here are for guidance only - please ask for a personal quote.  This will be tailored to your individual dog, their requirements and dates requested.

Arrivals and departures are by arrangement.  

Arrivals may be between 9am and 3pm in Winter and between 9am and 4pm in Summer.

Departures are between 9am and 6pm.

Standard Prices for a small/medium adult dog.

For 2 or more nights - prices start at £50.00 per night (up to 24 hours) for a small/medium dog.  They live in my home as part of the family.  They will have lots of attention, lovely forest walks, security to eat meals alone and a comfy clean bed for rest in a quiet peaceful place.


Prices are variable depending on age, neuter status, size, behaviour and any special needs.  A guide - for puppies under 8m is £60 per night for 2+ nights.

Large & Giant Dogs

Large dogs are generally over 25kg in weight and/or 50cm at the withers (shoulder).  I am not accepting new large/giant clients at this time.

Single nights/Trial nights

Trial nights start at £60 per night for up to 24 hours for an adult dog.

Day Care

Day care is occasionally available for our regular holiday guests, and is also charged for holidays which run over the 24hr/night times.  Prices for adult dogs are  £30.00 for 2 hours and £45.00 for 3 hours For over 3 hours the full nightly cost is payable.

UK Holidays incur
a 50-100% premium over normal rates.

3-4 nights of Bank Holiday weekends and Easter - 50%
Christmas 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th,and 26th Dec -100%
New Year 31st Dec and 1st January - 100%

Dogs in Rehab, Convalescing  & Elderly dogs

I have some experience of canine rehabilitation.  I may be able to help if you need to be away while your dog is recovering from an accident or a  medical procedure.  Elderly dogs need extra special care and close attention paying to their needs.  The may also need shorter walks, special exercises and a peaceful space to rest. Prices start at £50.00 per night.


Please ask about - Professional Photo Shoots, Artist Portraits (, Visits to Vets or Groomers, Basic Training.

School Holidays and Weekends

pricing is under review - currently no extra charges

Dog Portraits

Art by Alice Neal

Prices: Price List
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