Cornona Virus

We are practicing social distancing and following careful hygiene regimens.

We are OPEN and would love to host your dog for holiday or an away day. Dog Heaven Horsley Home Boarding has been very busy since lockdown restrictions  eased.  We are so happy to be welcoming guest dogs in to our home again.  We are following strict and effective handover protocols as agreed in detail with our vet. We also refer to the CFSG guidance). I will go over these in  with you when we arrange your dog's stay, but essentially they involve minimal contact between us humans and your dog can only bring their food and their collar (and harness) with them.

Naturally - I already practice good hygiene and frequent hand washing. I am extremely careful with my own social interactions and pose a very low risk to you indeed.  If I have any doubts then I may need to bathe your dog with shampoo, but that is the worst that would happen! I am very happy to discuss  any  questions or concerns you may have.

We will not mix guest dogs who are known to have been in contact (or suspected contact) with corona virus with those who have not.

Between guests, our home will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as usual.

We will walk locally and maintain a wide social distance from other people and their dogs.

Please come and visit and see what a wonderful holiday we can offer to your precious canine family member.


Dog Heaven Horsley Home Boarding

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