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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

How many dogs are you licensed to board at one time?

I am licensed to board up to 8 dogs at any time.  Two of these are my Bodhi and Wynter.  Usually I board between 1 and 4 guest dogs.  Occasionally for dogs I know really well or just for ad hoc day care, there may be 5 or 6 guests here.

How many dogs do you walk at once?

I walk a maximum of 4 dogs at once.

What time can I bring/collect my dog?

Dogs arrive for and depart their holidays between 10am and 6pm - by arrangement.  Sometimes I can be flexible with this.  If your dog is arriving for a holiday for the first time, I suggest they arrive before 3pm so they have plenty of time to settle in before bedtime.

Where will my dog sleep?

Dogs sleep downstairs in my home.  There are various rooms to choose from and I decide where they will be happiest based on

  • how they interact with the other dogs

  • where you tell me they sleep at home

  • where they choose to rest and relax during their first day

How does your charging work?

Please see my "prices" page for more information.  This is a guide only and I quote for each dog individually.

Prices refer to the cost of 2 nights or more.  For one night there is an additional charge.

I charge per night - up to 24 hours.  So for a small dog who arrives at 10am on a Monday and leaves at 10am on a Wednesday - the charge would be 2 x £40.00.  If they leave at 3pm on Wednesday there will be another £40 to pay for over 3 hours of extra daycare.

If my dog needs to go to the vet, will you take them?

Yes, I will attend to anything and everything your dog needs during their stay, including visits to the vet.  If your vet isn't within 20minutes of my home, I take them to my brilliant vets - Cape Vets in Merrow, Guildford.  They are an excellent independent practice.

Do you put dogs in crates?

Not usually, no, unless the owner wants to bring their own crate because their dog feels more secure sleeping in it.  By law we cannot shut a dog in a crate for more than 3 hours.  I have lovely rooms I can use if I need to separate a dog for a short while - to eat or to sleep for example.  These rooms have tall baby gates and the dogs can always feel part of the main hub of the home and see whats going on.

What do I need to bring with me for my dog?

You need to bring their food, some treats, some longer lasting chews, and their collar (and harness).  I supply their lead, a holiday tag with my details on and comfy clean beds.

What security do you have for the dogs?

Dogs wear a Petfon pure GPS tracker when they are out on walks.  They wear a tag showing they are on holiday with all my contact details.  The property is very well supplied with monitored Ring security cameras inside and out.

Does my dog need a professional groom before they arrive?

Yes, I do ask that dogs who need regular professional grooming, are groomed prior to arrival.  In some cases I can arrange a groom for them with the excellent "Pride and Groom" in Effingham.  However - please try to arrange a pro groom before your dogs holiday.

Does my dog need a Kennel Cough Vaccination

This is not required by law for home boarding, but I do request that guests have the KC vaccination please.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated or can I provide a titre test?

It's advised that dogs have vaccinations to protect them and their canine companions.  It's a lot of time and effort to decipher a titre test and establish if a dog is truly protected at the time of boarding.  Hence it would be rare that I would be able to accept a titre test in lieu of vaccinations recommended by vets in the UK.

Walks....Are walks included in the price?  How many walks will they get every day?

Yes walks, stimulation, love and attention are all included! A fit dog of over 1 year in age, will have at least one walk of between 1 and 2 hours in length every day.
Sometimes they can have two walks - it depends on the number and combination of dogs that are staying at any one time. I generally walk a maximum of 4 dogs at one time.
Puppies and older dogs will need a tailored exercise regime.  
Throughout the day we spend time in the large garden together, so there are lots of opportunities to run and play in addition to their walks in the forest.

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