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Dog Training

I am a fully qualified member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)


Puppy Home Visits

Please enquire by WhatsApp, text or email.

I offer home visits to help you prepare for you new puppy, and to settle them in and help them grow secure, content and confident after they arrive.


Rescue (Adult) Dog Home Visits

Please enquire by Whatsapp/Text or Email

Teenage and adult dogs sometimes need a bit of extra training or revision.
Many rescues recommend consulting an IMDT trainer. We are known for our positive, reward based training methods.
Dogs on their 2nd or 3rd home can feel very insecure and frightened.  It can help immensely to talk to someone who understands. I am IMDT trained and I have also had my own precious rescue and re-homed dogs over the years.


IMDT Code of Ethics

All Members of The IMDT agree to abide by The IMDT Code of Ethics:

  • To train dogs professionally with honesty, integrity and in the best interest of the dog, owner, the public and The IMDT.

  • Actively provide and promote force-free training methods and actively reject any methods or equipment that may cause physical or mental discomfort.

  • Continue Professional development through books, workshops, courses & seminars.

  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients.

  • Carry suitable professional insurance including public liability.

  • Members agree to work within their professional limits and agree to refer owners with needs beyond those limits to a suitable professional.

  • Provide and promote science based, proven dog training principles to a high, professional standard.

  • Avoid positive punishment as a tool for training dogs.

  • Accept IMDT Committee decisions as final.

  • Proactively benefit dogs and dog owners.

  • Proactively promote The IMDT.

Dog Training: Services
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