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About Me

I am committed to giving dogs the care and attention they richly deserve.

I've been an animal lover all of my life and for most of my school days I aspired to become a vet.  I gained a lot of work experience with both domestic and farm vets. In the end I opted to study human medicine. The skills I learned and knowledge I gained have given me the chance to help many people and animals over the years.   A combination of factors including being a single mother with three children, led me down a variety of paths. I've studied weight management,  acupuncture, personal training and (for good measure) am currently studying art. 

When Bodhi came home as a 9.5 week old puppy, he was thought to be of highly intelligent working stock.  He's 7/8th border collie and his siblings and mother were homed as working dogs on farms.  I committed to the border collie rescue, that I would train him well and do lots of activities with him.  

It was while working with this fantastically bright, enthusiastic  and active dog that I was asked to care for a class mate of his one summer. This was when the concept of Dog Heaven Horsley began to evolve. The idea was to share my enthusiasm and knowledge of dogs - and our dog heavenly home with guest dogs. Bodhi and I are both passionate about dogs. Bodhi is a "dogs dog".  We both work hard to take the very best care of our doggy guests.  Bodhi loves meeting all the wonderful owners too.  Since those early days we have cared for and entertained 42 breeds of dogs.  I have studied for the IMDT Ofqual regulated Professional Day care and Boarding qualification and passed with flying colours.  

Bodhi and I do agility and scent training together and pass snippets of these skills on to the guests who show an interest! Some guests just want to do relaxing and walking on their holidays.  Others want more activities!

Dogs are endlessly fascinating, complex and incredible.  I'm determined to keep learning  how to make their lives as rich and enjoyable as they all deserve.

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